Africans in Vancouver

Africans in Vancouver: Anne-Marie (Zambia)


Meet Anne-Marie. A young, intelligent Zambian entrepreneur with aspirations to be a lawyer and who owns a small farm in her hometown where she grows veggies such as broccoli and tomatoes. I sat down with her for an interview for my ‘Africans in Vancouver’ series. She came to Vancouver at the age of 18 to study at Simon Fraser University. In this interview, she takes us through her journey coming to Vancouver, BC, living in Vancouver, her current thoughts about the city and her plans to return to Zambia.

Full interview: Click here

Excerpt: “It’s a beautiful city but it can be quite lonely and it lacks the love, warmth and soul that other cities such as Winnipeg or Hong Kong have. It’s like a beautiful girl with no talent…This is a city where people are always chasing something and it steals away from personal relationships because people are too focused on making money because the city is so expensive. I came to Canada to get an education. But do I have to stay here? No. It’s not a must right? So, I started to realise that, oh my god, I actually do not like being away from home. The thing that I was running away from was that I want a better life and I came here but what’s a better life if I cannot be around my loved ones? It’s becoming a global world and things are better back home…My advice to other Zambians/Africans is come to Vancouver for a vacation and do your research before you study or live in a city. Go to a city where you’ll be happy because Vancouver is not for everyone. There are groups such as the gay community that enjoy Vancouver because they have found a safe space here. I don’t know. Maybe Vancouver is just not a city for someone like me, for Anne-Marie. I mean, I am still learning about myself.”

One Year Update: Anne-Marie has left Vancouver back to Zambia. She is very happy there and has many business ventures blooming.

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