Banana Pancakes

It’s very common to make banana bread with overripe bananas or simply throw them away, but what about banana pancakes? I prefer my bananas more on the unripe side or slightly ripe side, but I also don’t like throwing food away (thanks for the life lessons mother). If you’re like me and you are wondering…

Home Workout Essentials

As much as I love going to the gym, everything being closed or restricted due to COVID-19, made me realize that I needed to set up an at home workout space with equipments that are multi-functional. The photo above shows my home workout essentials. Two 3.6kg dumbbells (you can have more than two of course…


So here I am again, sitting here asking this question. The worst part about this question is the lack of answers that could provide understanding and insight into my current situation. So I go looking for them. I ask people, I do web searches, I ask God, I read the scriptures and I align myself…

Letters to Amara

Photo Credit: Freestocks.org Dear Amara, Today, I want you to know that before you were formed, you were loved. You were birthed in love and into love and nothing will ever change the fact that you Amara are a product of love. Your life was carefully thought out, a life of purpose, peace and direction.…


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About Me

Hi! I’m Anita. My posts are focused on entries about my thoughts on a variety of topics, my food creations, fitness/exercise adventures and select photos of me enjoying life. I hope you have fun engaging with my posts, as much as I had fun creating them!

Für Ihuoma is a name derived from the German word ‘für’ meaning ‘for’ and my middle name ‘Ihuoma’ which is an Igbo name that means ‘someone who is born fortunate (or someone with a bright future)/goodluck/beautiful. Für Ihuoma simply means For Ihuoma and this blog was created by me, for me, but also to invite the public to share some parts of my thoughts on certain topics and creative interests.

Thanks for visiting! (Danke!)

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