Short entries

Swollen Bellies

Photo 1 credit: Thomas Nast ‘Boss’

Photo 2 credit:Kulan

You sit on your chairs, eat and grow fat. Our money, our resources are in your possessions. The people go hungry while you occupy yourselves with worthless issues.

You ignore the cries of your people and turn a deaf ear to their plea. When you open your mouth, only deceitful words come out. Words without substance. Words that come from your bellies and not from your hearts.

You constantly host lavish parties while your people can’t afford three square meals a day. Your bellies are big while your people are the size of twigs. It’s amazing how you go to sleep every night after all the evil you commit during the day.

You already have your decisions made yet you ask us to vote. You send your children away to foreign countries so they don’t loathe in the evil that you created. You drive your youth away from their land because of your greed and corruption and they end up seeking refuge in another man’s land. Your people are slaves in their land and in foreign territories.

When will you get rid of your pride, selfishness and foolishness? When will you drop your worthless religion and listen to the cries of your people?

You focus on irrelevant issues and ignore the issues that need attention. Why should what people do in their bedrooms be a national issue?

But why should children not have have a good education, access to excellent hospital facilities, nutritious food and clean water? Now, those are issues.

Stop the hypocrisy! Stop the worthless religion!

Why should these young innocent girls get married to old greedy men instead of going to school and being with their families? Now that’s an issue.

You perverts! You’re not ashamed of how foolish you look in front of the world. You have no conscience.

You steal from your people. You kill your people. You deceive your people. You poison your people. The people that trust and depend on you. The people that you are meant to be caring for. You only only care about your selfish needs and worthless religion.

Shame on you!

But wait, that’s right. You have no shame!

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