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Overthinking Chronicles – Refuting the lies with the truth

Image Credit: Gerd Altmann - Pixabay FEAR. If you are a human being like me, you have experienced the emotion of fear. This could come from your past experiences, things you've been told could happen or have happened, experiences that other people you know or have heard of have experienced, feelings of personal inadequacy, media… Continue reading Overthinking Chronicles – Refuting the lies with the truth

Africans in Vancouver


I sat down for an interview with Fehintola, a beautiful and intelligent lady from Nigeria. She has lived and studied in Vancouver, BC for over 6 years now and is a recent graduate, with a degree in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She got a job at the University of British Columbia and loves… Continue reading AFRICANS IN VANCOUVER: FEHINTOLA (NIGERIA)

Africans in Vancouver

Africans in Vancouver: Tafadzwa (Zimbabwe)

Tafadzwa is one of the first people I met, when I moved to Vancouver. She is quiet but fierce and I have watched her evolve into the dynamic woman that she is today. She is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to Vancouver, Canada over 6 years ago. In this interview, we discuss the reason… Continue reading Africans in Vancouver: Tafadzwa (Zimbabwe)

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25 Questions with Kassie

Is there a difference between brilliance, intelligence and wisdom? If I was to rank them, I'd say it goes from intelligence to brilliance and then wisdom. They are similar but they all have different in depth meanings. Can someone have wisdom without knowledge or without intelligence/brilliance? I don't think you can have wisdom without knowledge.… Continue reading 25 Questions with Kassie