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Mink Chocolates Cafe


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Located on West Hastings Street in Downtown Vancouver, Mink Chocolates Cafe is a hidden treasure! My boyfriend and I had just had brunch and we were craving some hot chocolate (heiße schokolade) so we decided to use Yelp to find out where the best hot chocolate near us was located. We decided to go to Mink because they had waffles and he wanted waffles. It took a little bit of effort to find it but the welcoming staff and delicious hot chocolate and tutti frutti waffles with chocolate and whipped cream were all worth it! They have 70% hot chocolate and you can get either milk or dark chocolate with either cow’s milk, almond milk or soy milk. My boyfriend got the milk chocolate with cow’s milk and I got the dark chocolate with soy milk. (Side note: I don’t understand people who think that milk chocolate is real chocolate. Dark chocolate is where it’s at mates! All the other stuff is just added sugar) It was prepared really well and we both enjoyed it. The dark chocolate one was just so creamy and chocolatey and tasted delightful! When I got to the bottom of the cup, there was a clump of chocolate that wasn’t fully melted and that was the cherry on the cake for me. I used a cutlery to scoop the chocolate out and ate it with delight. We would definitely go back because it is one of the best hot chocolates we have had in the city! However, my boyfriend claims that it is the best chocolate he has had in his life. And that says a lot.

Website: Mink Chocolates Cafe

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