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Letters to Amara


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Dear Amara,

Today, I want you to know that before you were formed, you were loved. You were birthed in love and into love and nothing will ever change the fact that you Amara are a product of love. Your life was carefully thought out, a life of purpose, peace and direction. You were born with great strength and the ability to achieve the impossible. Amara, you are unique, born to stand out and so there is no need to compare yourself or your life with others in this world. I want you to know that everything will work together for your good and never settle for less because you believe that nothing better will come along. The best is yet to come!

Amara, live your life with fervent faith and not fear. Walk in the immense power you were created in and remember that you are always surrounded by love, although sometimes, it may not seem so. Always remember that you are a child of peace and you bring peace wherever you go. Don’t be afraid when you find yourself in situations that are not peaceful, for you are an overcomer and you will always overcome difficulty.

Don’t be afraid to love and to be loved. You deserve patience, kindness, forgiveness, companionship, charity, perseverance, mudita, modesty, hope, trust, success, protection and every wonderful thing that love has to offer.

I want you to know that the unknown isn’t always bad. Life is full of wonderful twists and turns. Vulnerability is courageous and faith is necessary to live a full life. Don’t be too hard on yourself because letting go is a process, releasing forgiveness is a process, stopping constant comparison is a process, but God is always on the throne of grace, love and mercy. You are loved, you are a product of love and you are loving.

Stay hopeful and filled with faith,

Your Guardian

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