Banana Pancakes

It's very common to make banana bread with overripe bananas or simply throw them away, but what about banana pancakes? I prefer my bananas more on the unripe side or slightly ripe side, but I also don't like throwing food away (thanks for the life lessons mother). If you're like me and you are wondering… Continue reading Banana Pancakes

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Overthinking Chronicles – Refuting the lies with the truth

Image Credit: Gerd Altmann - Pixabay FEAR. If you are a human being like me, you have experienced the emotion of fear. This could come from your past experiences, things you've been told could happen or have happened, experiences that other people you know or have heard of have experienced, feelings of personal inadequacy, media… Continue reading Overthinking Chronicles – Refuting the lies with the truth

Short entries


Woman, how beautiful you are to behold Woman, how captivating is the strength you possess Woman, I'm emboldened by your presence Your desire to exist even in the worst of conditions Your ability to create gardens in waste places Your resilient, enterprising and dynamic nature Your courage to wake up everyday and just live your… Continue reading Woman