Africans in Vancouver


I sat down for an interview with Fehintola, a beautiful and intelligent lady from Nigeria. She has lived and studied in Vancouver, BC for over 6 years now and is a recent graduate, with a degree in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She got a job at the University of British Columbia and loves… Continue reading AFRICANS IN VANCOUVER: FEHINTOLA (NIGERIA)

Short entries


Woman, how beautiful you are to behold Woman, how captivating is the strength you possess Woman, I'm emboldened by your presence Your desire to exist even in the worst of conditions Your ability to create gardens in waste places Your resilient, enterprising and dynamic nature Your courage to wake up everyday and just live your… Continue reading Woman

Short entries


Nnọọ. I hope that was what the angels said to you when your soul arrived in heaven. "Nnọọ Mama, welcome." You were not my mother but you carried me. You were not my grandmother but you loved me. You were my grandfather's sister, fondly called Mama U by all who knew you. You suffered many… Continue reading Mama