Africans in Vancouver



I sat down for an interview with Fehintola, a beautiful and intelligent lady from Nigeria. She has lived and studied in Vancouver, BC for over 6 years now and is a recent graduate, with a degree in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She got a job at the University of British Columbia and loves her job! In this interview, we discuss the reasons for her move, her transition into her new life in Vancouver, her experiences living in the city and her plans for the future.

Click here for the full interview

Excerpt: “I think the people here are okay. Canadians are really polite, like when they say, how are you? The answer is fine. You’re not supposed to say, omg, I had a hard day yesterday! No one really cares. But I like the people that I’m surrounded with and my friends have become my family. I feel like I hit the jackpot because I’m surrounded by the best people ever! …I don’t want to leave this city. When I’m older, I’d like to go back to Nigeria. But in my productive working years, I’d like to spend it here, where I can be free and independent and do whatever.”


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