Africans in Vancouver

Africans in Vancouver: Tafadzwa (Zimbabwe)


Tafadzwa is one of the first people I met, when I moved to Vancouver. She is quiet but fierce and I have watched her evolve into the dynamic woman that she is today. She is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to Vancouver, Canada over 6 years ago. In this interview, we discuss the reason for her move, her experiences living in the city so far, Africans living in Vancouver and her plans for the future amongst other juicy topics. Below is an excerpt from the interview and the link to the full interview uploaded to YouTube.

Click here for the full interview.

Excerpt: “I think coming to Canada was the best thing that I’ve ever done. If I still lived in Zimbabwe, I am pretty sure that I would still be depending on my parents, to take care of me. I’ve learnt how to be independent, have relationships and friendships with other people. I come from a family where we are very sheltered and my mum did not like us interacting with people so, I was just going to school and heading right back home. But coming here, I get to interact with people…I can dress however I want in Vancouver and I don’t have to worry about it but that is not the case in Harare. However, I miss the food, going to places where you hear people speaking in Shona, being around people who I don’t constantly have to explain myself to and I think it’s easier to make friends there than it is in Vancouver.  I think another reason why I stay in Vancouver is because I am into tech and it is amazing how many tech jobs are available here.”

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