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25 Questions with Kassie


Is there a difference between brilliance, intelligence and wisdom?

If I was to rank them, I’d say it goes from intelligence to brilliance and then wisdom. They are similar but they all have different in depth meanings.

Can someone have wisdom without knowledge or without intelligence/brilliance?

I don’t think you can have wisdom without knowledge. Knowledge is you being well informed about something and you cannot be wise about something that you don’t know.

What qualities do all your friends have in common?

Loyalty. Loyalty is a big thing for me because it is more than just having my back, it’s being there, being present. And I guess another quality all my friends have in common is accepting me as is. *laughs*

Can you describe the colour yellow to someone who is blind?

Mustard yellow is actually my favourite colour. Bright and loud are the only words that come to mind.

Who is the one person that has impacted your life immensely?

I can’t think of one person but for sure, I’d say my parents. I guess it’s because they are the people who you spend most of your life with and groom you into who you grow up to be and influence your outlook on life.

What are your short term goals?

To pass my Finance exam, enter 2019 without debt (my credit card debt), to celebrate my birthday which is coming up in a couple of weeks and figure out what my next career position is, get closer to my friends and God and learn how to drive!

Can you sum up the Internet in one word? 


If every concern was taken care of, what country would you love to live in right now? 

Australia. I’ve heard great things about it from people who have worked and lived there.

Can you explain this statement in your own words? “People see the world not as it is but as they are.”

How I see it is, everybody is basically made up of their own experiences and what they’ve gone through in life. From the moment you begin to grasp things, all that knowledge and information becomes the person that you are as you go on. So, when you look at life, your outlook on life is affected by your experiences and the things that you’ve gone through.

What city do you live in and what has been your experience so far living in this city?

I live in VanCity! Vancouver. *laughs*.  My experience has been a rollercoaster. I have learnt a lot for sure and adapted. It has it’s good sides and it’s bad sides. For example, on one hand it makes you independent but on the other hand, people always complain that it is a lonely city. What has helped me living here so far is that there is always something to look forward to and there is always something that I am focusing on. The times that I experienced chaos, were the times that I had nothing to focus on. But generally, it’s been school or work and when you aren’t focused on something, you start complaining about everything else. E.g. The rain! The lack of some capable men, *laughs* , the loneliness. No shade to the men of Vancouver but again, I guess that’s a biased statement because I’m comparing men from different cultures. I had to adjust my thinking to the culture here, when it came to dating.

What is the one thing you wish everyone in the world could agree on?

Equality. In terms of race, gender, basic human rights because I am passionate about these issues and it just hurts to see how much we are divided on these topics. At the end of the day, we are all humans! We can co-exist without so much hate.

Can you describe your first kiss?

*laughs* It was interesting. I was thinking “I can see this one is about to move in but I don’t know what to do. What am I supposed to do? Okay, let’s just play it out.” And then they moved in, and they hit you with it and you are basically just going with the flow. But it was good.

Is there something you wish you had known or done sooner? 

On the grand scale, nothing really.

Would you forgive dishonesty?

Forgive yes, but dishonesty is just something that I don’t vibe with. Even when I was in school and a friend would take my pencil, I would get really upset! And they’d be like, “But Kassie, it’s JUST a pencil!” My response was, “It’s not about the pencil, it’s that you took it and lied about it.”

What keeps you motivated?

I guess it’s knowing that I have a life to live. *laughs* It may sound basic but generally I feel that I am piece in a puzzle and I was given the gift of life for a purpose. So even when I am down,  I think that I still have to play my part, so let me do what I gotta do! And my faith also plays a part in it. I mean when you are really down and think, “If it was up to me, I really wouldn’t be here” and you are still here, then it’s very telling that life is bigger than you.

What is the one question you wish someone would ask you?

That is very broad. I can’t think of anything. Okay, I guess it’s asking me how I really feel. And not asking for the sake of asking but actually being interested in knowing.

Do you believe that there is a God? If yes, why? And if no, why not? 

I do believe. I believe my G-O-D exists. He out there! I believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. However, when I am having a discussion with someone who isn’t Christian, it is never about proving who is right or wrong. I feel like I’ve never felt the need to be like, “This is why Christianity is the right religion and the best one.” I can’t 100% prove that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that’s why I call it my faith. People are always trying to scientifically and archaeologically prove the existence of Christ but I think it’s a mistake to constantly apply logic to your faith, because at the end of the day, we are believing in something. I try to view my faith as being bigger than my mind and when I don’t have an answer for something, I say you know what? It’s okay! I love God because I have honestly felt and experienced God’s truth myself and I believe in THAT God and He so happens to have the same characteristics as the Christian God, so I’ll follow Christianity. *laughs*

When you die, how would you like people to remember you? 

I would like to be remembered as someone who was a blessing.

What constitutes a great day or night out for you?

It depends. For a night out, I may want to go out dancing and have a great time or sit on my couch and binge watch Netflix with some pizza. A great day, whatever the activities may be, would be spending time with my loved ones filled with laughter. Follow up question: What are your love languages? Quality time, Acts of service, Physical touch, Words of affirmation (in terms of encouragement) and then Gift giving, in that order.

What are you afraid of losing?

My family.

When was the last time you washed your hair?

Two weeks ago when I got my braids done. *laughs*

Is there a time where you felt completely alone?

Yeah. Every once in a while.

What have you recently learnt about yourself?

I like adding sour cream to everything.

Do you believe that the people in your life right now truly love you and why?

That’s very general because there are many people. I think so because it manifests in their actions.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

I went on a date with this guy and it felt like he wasn’t really there. For example, he would ask a question and I would give the answer but he wouldn’t even be bothered and just drift away. We were at a restaurant and he was also watching the game on the TV. *sigh* There was no second date.



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