Africans in Vancouver

Africans in Vancouver: Lorna (Kenya)

IMG-20181110-WA0006I sat down for an interview with my friend Lorna Dawa. Lorna is originally from Nairobi, Kenya but has lived, studied and worked in Vancouver, Canada for over 5 years now. We discussed her reasons for moving to Vancouver, her experiences so far and her plans for the future. Below, is an excerpt from the interview and the link to the full interview uploaded to YouTube.

Click here for the full interview.

Excerpt: ” Oh Comedy! Another place I am using Psychology. Yeah, I have found a passion for comedy in Vancouver and I don’t think that I would have found the same in Kenya. Maybe, because it’s not such a big thing there or maybe because it’s not taken as seriously there. Well I can’t even call it comedy, it’s more story telling. Story telling in Vancouver. It’s story telling the way I know story telling. It’s actually me! It’s direct, it’s immediate feedback. Of course it takes forever…it doesn’t just pop up. You actually have to write these things and so it’s me coming up with the stories, me remembering the stories, me fixing them in a way that I know is appealing and then telling that story, watching people react to it… I love Gastown! I like the vibe. It looks nice. It’s picturesque. I work there. “

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