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Thoughts and Emotions



I have been quite interested in the topics of consciousness, the law of attraction and mental clarity in the last few years. My curiosity has led me to read books, watch documentaries and listen to interviews on these topics. Currently, I am still learning.

However, I do have some observations. Thoughts and emotions (how we feel) do go hand in hand. Changing a thought can immediately impact my feelings and listening to how I feel can help me navigate my thoughts. I am currently practising how to watch my thoughts. Not judge them, change them or influence them, but just watch them. It’s very hard because it requires being present at all times, which can be a challenge because we all have fast paced schedules almost everyday. And if you are like me, even if you don’t have anything to do, you constantly try to FIND something to do and this leaves little room for quiet meditation and observation. Also, experts say, we have over 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day and it is hard to keep track of every single thought that, comes into my mind.

Some authors such as Eckhart Tolle (the guy who wrote the book titled “The Power of Now”), have suggested that thoughts are overrated. We are better off turning them off and just being and only switching them back on when we need to use them. BUT HOW? How do you stop thinking? HOW? HOW? I can do it for 2 seconds, 5 seconds max! But BOOM, a thought comes back in. But I guess just like most activities in the world, constant practice leads to perfection. I am only a beginner in this field, so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

I do want to move from the point of allowing my circumstances, thoughts and even feelings to control how I act or react, to the point of not allowing my circumstances, thoughts and feelings to control how I act or react. It takes strength, to choose the harder option of staying positive, when faced with negative energy. It would be easier to react negatively and vice versa. For example, I am upset because I just learnt that I am financially deficient (a.k.a broke) and a friend of my mine has sent me a rather vexing text message to further aggravate my issues and then I just let thoughts go on and on into negativity. As I am in my space, focusing on all my shortcomings and ill luck, a work colleague decides to come to me and ask for something, anything. I can choose to respond to them with the heaviness of my miserable state or cheer up and be present. The former is easier but the latter is harder. However, when I do the latter, somehow, I feel much better. When I cheer up and create joy and a pleasant exchange with my colleague, suddenly, I am left with a new found joy myself that wasn’t there before. Or maybe it was, but allowing that space to create a positive energy might have allowed it to manifest itself. However, if I choose the former, sometimes even my colleague leaves with the negative energy that they have just experienced and as some Lagosians would say “everything don dabaru” which in this case would mean that, there is now negative energy all around. Sigh.

I don’t believe that positive thinking necessarily fixes our problems, but it definitely gives us the courage and strength to be present enough to find solutions.

It’s a work in progress. I am a work in progress.

May love and joy be your daily bread. 

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